UProoted Farm
Address: E4047 East Cold Springs Road Chatham, MI, 49816
Email Address:
Phone: 321-794-4130
About Us
At UProoted Farm our promise to you, and to ourselves, is to grow food with integrity. We are USDA Certified Organic, utilizing regenerative agriculture principles and low-till practices on our 80-acre farm in Chatham, MI. We currently offer a wide selection of produce from our market garden, as well as chicken eggs. As a veteran-run farm, our mission is to provide the best food possible to sustain, entertain and enrich your life.
- USDA Certified Organic
- No organic or conventional pesticides or fertilizers of any kind used
- Regenerative agriculture and holistic management principles
- Low-till methods working toward no-till farm
- Pasture-raised laying hens
- No confinement operation
- No artificial lights used in laying operation, allowing for naturally healthy hens