Sha-Renee Designs
Contact: Shana Baril
Address: 1070 N Westwood Dr. Ishpeming, MI, 49849
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Phone: 906-362-6617
About Us
Shana R Baril is a freelance video editor who also designs jewelry and enjoys painting. She graduated from NMU in 2009 with a degree in digital cinema, but many of her elective art classes stuck with her over the years.
Her jewelry and paintings at first glance may appear “off center”, but each piece has unique balancing features. They reflect her personal search for balance; with the understanding that in order to find balance we have to recognize what it means to be out of balance.

You can follow her freelance video production and jewelry/art businesses on Instagram at @shanabaril
My process is about creating balance without everything being "centered". I like the feeling of being just slightly off kilter because it helps me to better recognize when I am in fact balanced. My jewelry materials are collected from years of visiting shows and little shops across the country. My other art is a mixture of acrylic paint, ink, pastels, marker and watercolors.