Swampy Acres
Contact: Josh Hall and Jaimi Cawley
Address: 871 Sand River Rd. Deerton, MI, 49822
Email Address:
Phone: 517-945-6077
About Us
Swampy Acres started as a produce farm in 2016 on the Sand River, but will be transitioning into primarily growing food in Eben Junction during the 2020 season. We plant to expand our operation allowing us to reach additional consumers throughout the U.P. We rely on regenerative agricultural practices that focus on soil health and biodiversity. We use the Dragon Fly Earth Medicine Pure Certification as a guide in just about everything we do. As a relatively new farm, we are excited to provide local food, education, and additional products to the community in Marquette!
Dragon Fly Earth Medicine Certified, working towards being certified through the Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program