Mighty Soil Farm
Contact: Joe & Kate
Address: N5448 Rock River Road Chatham, MI, 49816
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Phone: 906-439-5770
About Us
We chose the name Mighty Soil Farm because we believe that growing the healthiest, most nutritious vegetables begins with cultivating a living, thriving soil. We're committed to strengthening our community by providing high quality, ethically grown food. We love our work, and we're excited to share it with you.
We’re certified organic. This means that each year a trained inspector comes to our farm, walks through our fields and facilities, and audits our records. In order to maintain our certification, we need to be able to produce records for any given crop from seed to sale. This helps us be the best farmers we can be, and it helps our customers know that our produce is safe.

We employ methods to improve plant immunity by providing each plant with the nutrients and care that they need. This begins with the soil. Our primary method for maintaining and improving soil fertility is applying generous amounts of finished compost. With proper soil structure and the diverse nutrients provided by high quality compost, roots grow easily and plants’ cellular structures become complex enough that pests can’t digest them, and they can better resist disease.

All of our plant starts are seeded by us on our farm in Chatham. We start our transplants in Morgan Composting's germination mix, which produces amazing transplants and provides plants with all the nutrients they need until they are planted. We do our best to time our seeding so that when you receive your plant starts they are big and healthy and ready to be planted in your garden. The exception to this are frost sensitive plants (tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, husk cherry, and flowers), which we time to be ready to plant in early June, when the danger of frost has usually passed. If you order these plants in May they may be a little small and you will need to be prepared to care for them in your house until it is safe to plant them out.

From healthy soil comes healthy plants; from healthy plants come healthy people; from healthy people comes a thriving community.